Satic Solar works with its clients from start to finish in terms of finding the right solar system to meet your needs. It starts with determining if solar is a viable and beneficial solution for you. This is determined through understanding of your current electrical power requirements and what you currently pay for electrical power. Following this your building or facility is assessed to see whether or not an appropriate solar system can be installed. With that comes a design and a resource assessment in terms of actual cost. If your local power company offeres a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), that and other funding options can be explored. Sometimes the install is at no cost to the client with tax incentives and PPAs.
Then comes the actual install of the solar panels and the required wiring to integrate it into your existing electrical service. Finally Satic Solar monitors and maintains your solar system installation.

Our Services Include


We evaluate whether solar is a good option for you.


We can assist in exploring various funding options.


Our expert experienced crews will install your system.


We monitor and maintain your system.