The Satic Solar PowerPod

A new flexible, self-contained, modular solar system that can be placed anywhere on your property to optimize exposure to the sun. The Satic Solar PowerPod overcomes problems where rooftop mounting is a potential problem.

Issues commonly challenging the installation of solar systems include:

  • Roof top surfaces are facing the wrong direction
  • Roof is clay tile or inappropriate for a roof mounted system
  • Roof has too much shade from surrounding trees
  • It's a modular home and local codes won't allow for a roof mounted system
  • You are a rural rancher or farmer and want to offset irrigation costs
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    Satic Solar prides itself in using top quality products in its solar installations. This includes:


    Efficient Microinverters

    Microinverter Systems improve energy harvest, increase reliability, and dramatically simplify design, installation, and management of solar power systems.


    Powerful Solar Panels

    The latest Solar Panels are used based on years of accumulated experience and cutting edge technology which allows them to be used in virtually any environment and any conditions.


    Solar Power Perfect Box

    The Satic Solar Power Perfect Box is also used in all of our installations to ensure the cleanest most efficient power is delivered to your residence or business.


    Transformerless Inverters

    Where appropriate, Transformerless Inverters are used to provides superior efficiencies of more than 98 percent and unmatched solar power production.