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    the costs of solar energy never rise.

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Welcome to Satic Solar

At Satic Solar we are professional engineers and designers of solar arrays and renewable energy systems. Our friendly and supportive expert staff have designed everything from residential arrays to off-grid megawatt systems. We are passionate about this sector and it is our sincere desire to implement a quality solar solution that positively impacts your finances, personal health and happiness. In this highly competitive industry you will quickly see that we clearly stand out as leaders in our field. Our staff brings years of experience and vast expertise in the energy sector and to offer the complete service we have partnered with other leaders in the industry. Satic Solar offers you superior array design, the highest quality panel & inverter line available, installed with our unique energy management systems, on quality mounting & racking systems by our professional, licensed and insured install team.

We want to earn your trust and help you go solar today.

Why Choose Satic Solar?

When making the decision to implement a solar system, you want soundness of mind; knowing that you are receiving a quality system, that was designed by experts, serviced and backed by a knowledgeable staff, and installed by professionals.
When considering the installation of a solar system you will likely have multiple questions including:

  • Where and how will the panels be situated?
  • How will they look and impact my roof?
  • How much electricity will they produce?
  • How will that production impact my finances?
  • How long do they last?
  • Who maintains them?
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    Let's make our planet more clean

    Researchers believe, by 2050 the world's main source of electricity will likely be the sun.

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    Don’t let uncertainty hold you back. Let’s work together to see if solar is a viable option for you. Let us design your array, today.

    Reaching New Heights

    It is the most abundant, most liberating energy source of all.

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    Address: Satic Solar
                     7151 Kestrel Drive
                     Missoula, MT 59808

    Phone: (406) 830-3226

    Info: info@saticusa.com

    Website: www.saticsolar.com